Producer/Owner: Jessica Gamboa

Gravilias, Desamparados

San Jose , Costa Rica

About Us

It all started in Los Angeles. Gerardo Gamboa (aka Jerry) was born and raised in Costa Rica, but moved to California when he was 20.He of course came across so much music and ended up with the amazing vinyl collection we still have in our studio today. 

His love for music didn't stop with vinyl. He was interested in music in general from listening to it to actually making it.

His Living Room was full of equipment. 

A total bedroom producer, except it took over his entire living room.

After 40 yrs of living in L.A. he moved to Costa Rica with his family, built his dream Studio were he worked and lived his remaining years.

The Legacy now lives through the people that come to the studio and enjoy the everlasting Vibe that comes from music and the life that Jerry built around it.

Jessica Gamboa is a Producer and directs La Cueva del Oso Studios, a recording studio in San Jose, Costa Rica. Founded by Gerardo Gamboa,her dad, who helped her grow in this enviroment.  Surrounded by friends and musicians La Cueva is a very important part of her work, thanks to the studio many other projects have been created like, Diseñadoras de Audio, Pura Vida Underground, and Community of Creators. All of these with the purpose of promoting music socially and culturally. 

MiNDE is the name of her solo project deep into Trip-Hop and Experimental. She has been through several musical stages including just voice and guitar which she still uses for her live performances.  


As a Producer Jessica has recorded different bands like Papayahead, RedHead Match, Gazeuse, Animazules, Albastru, Rompiste mis Flores and La Tríada Hermética.